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Say hello to GUS! Gus is a leopard gecko (Eublepharis macularius) and he lives in the Children's room. You can stop by to see him anytime the library is open.

The picture to the right is from his latest on-location photo shoot. You can see him live on the Gus Cam by clicking the image. While watching Gus, please do not tap on the glass 😜. Gus has provided us with a number of videos below just in case he isn't active on the Live Cam.

Gus Action Videos

Here are some video clips just in case he isn't active on the Live Cam. Note that these videos open in a pop-up window which can be closed to return to this page. Videos with a purple-ish light were taken at night.


Here's what ChatGPT wrote when asked to create an introduction for Gus

Meet Gus the Gecko, the charismatic and scholarly mascot of the Matawan Aberdeen Public Library! Gus is more than just a cute face; he's the embodiment of the library's commitment to fostering a love for learning and literature in the community. With his vibrant scales and a pair of oversized reading glasses perched on his nose, Gus is a familiar and beloved figure for library-goers of all ages.

Gus's mission is clear: to make the world of books come alive and ignite the curiosity of everyone who steps into the Matawan Aberdeen Public Library. Whether he's seen perched on a bookshelf, enthusiastically recommending the latest bestsellers, or leading storytime sessions for the littlest readers, Gus is always ready to inspire a sense of wonder and adventure through the written word.

From themed events to educational programs, Gus is at the forefront of the library's efforts to create a welcoming and engaging space for the entire community. So, next time you visit the Matawan Aberdeen Public Library, keep an eye out for Gus the Gecko – your friendly guide to a world of knowledge, imagination, and literary delight!

[text above generated by OpenAI ChatGPT 3.5; image generated by OpenAI Dall-E2]



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