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Matawan-Aberdeen Public Library History Chronology

*In 1983, the New Jersey Library Network Law mandated a statewide library membership organization that linked over 2,500 libraries via regional cooperatives; the network was funded via a state tax. Matawan Aberdeen Public library became a member of the Central Jersey (Region Five) Cooperative, which included Monmouth, Ocean and Mercer Counties. These library cooperatives greatly improved and equalized access to information resources for New Jersey residents, and initiated many of the benefits and services in use today, including:


Prior to the concept of a library director, such establishments generally were operated under the auspices of a “town librarian” under the supervision of a Board of Directors/Board of Trustees.


Benjamin Brown Biography

1985 - Addition + Renovation Information

The Joint Free Public Library of Matawan
By Nancy Willbourn (former Senior Library Assistant)

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